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Storm water basin box culverts & tunnels


Custom Coatings & Designs specializes in repairs to address leaks and damaged & deteriorated concrete in Storm Water basins, catch basins, culverts, concrete dams and associated structures such as man holes, drop inlets, overflow pits, and even waste treatment tanks, potable water tanks, parking garages, and tunnels. Whether its a failed or damaged precast joint seal, improperly seated RCP, or cracking in treatment tank Custom Coatings & Designs specializes in innovative repairs to stop leaks, eroding soils & sinkholes, and fill problematic voids. Products meet ANSI/NSF Standard 61 water compliant, ASTM C 884, USDA certifiable for incidental food contact. 

Roadways, medians, & bridges concrete repair


Custom Coatings & Designs specializes in Concrete repair & Restoration. We have been contacted by state agencies, municipalities, developers, home builders, property management companies and more. Concrete Repair and Restoration is a designed system to fix damages to concrete while adding further protection to the entire concrete surface to protect against future potential damage. The resurfacing procedure can be performed on roadways, bridges, curbs, public walkways, aprons, driveways, parking garages, and much more. Our concrete repairs and resurfacing will withstand even the heaviest vehicular traffic to including snow plow trucks. All of our concrete repairs and  concrete resurfacing is in accordance with Department of Transportation Standard Specifications. Concrete cracking, deep spalling, shallow spalling, concrete , scaling, crazing and even concrete discoloration and staining are all repairable. All of our concrete repairs & rehabilitation operations are in accordance with Department of Transportation Standard Specifications

Cementitious Grout Pumping


Custom Coatings & Designs also offers cementitious gout pumping. The are a wide range of materials that can be used dependent upon the individual job circumstances. We offer these services for structural repairs, floor toppings, high strength non-shrink grouts, cable grouting and many more.

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