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There are many decorative overlays and options to achieve a beautiful showroom floor in your foyer, garage, basement, coffee shop or restaurant. The options are truly endless when it comes to decorative overlays, that's because  each floor system is one of a kind. We offer many options such as epoxy solid color floors, epoxy chip floors, metallic floors, polished concrete floors, decorative sprayed concrete, concrete staining, concrete sealing, urethane flooring and the list goes on. We specialize  in making your showroom floor last and every system comes with a warranty and manufactures lifetime warranty.

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Concrete Repair and Restoration is a designed system to fix damaged concrete while adding further protection to the entire concrete surface to protect against future potential damage. The repair and restoration can be performed on driveways, patios, pools, walls, floors and any other concrete surface. Our concrete repair and resurfacing will withstand even the heaviest vehicular traffic to including snow plow trucks. All of our concrete repairs and  concrete resurfacing is in accordance with Department of Transportation Standard Specifications. Concrete cracking, deep spalling, shallow spalling, concrete chipping, concrete flaking, scaling, crazing and even concrete discoloration and staining are all repairable and the same products are used for our roadways and bridges.

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We are proud to offer our services to large commercial projects. We have provided many of our services for concrete repair and restoration projects as well as waterproofing and structural repairs for major roadways bridges and public walkways. We have been contracted by state agencies, municipalities, property management companies, realtors, and local builders. We are no stranger to large projects, and that's because our products and services stand up to the test of time and heavy traffic. Custom Coatings & Designs abides by Department of Transportation Standard Specifications for all concrete repairs and restoration projects.

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